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 Camellias have been a piece of the southern scene for just about 200 years. They are local to Asia and were brought into the U.S. close to Charleston, South Carolina in 1786. The basic name camellia alludes to assortments and half and halves of Camellia japonica and to the less known assortments of C. sasanqua and C. reticulate. Peruse more about sasanqua camellias. 

Camellias can serve a few capacities in the scene including establishment plantings, screens, highlight plants, foundation groupings and supports. Greatest advantage can be accomplished by mass plantings or groupings. 


Camellias blossom in the fall and winter when their showcase of beautiful sprouts is generally valued. During the rest of the year their evergreen foliage, intriguing shapes and surfaces, and generally sluggish development make camellias great scene plants. 

Choosing a Camellia 

Numerous Florida nursery workers don't know about the sheer number of camellia assortments accessible. While the nearby large box garden store may just convey the regular Camellia japonica, nurseries, public gardens, and even camellia social orders can propose some more. 

Camellia plants fluctuate broadly in develop size and light necessities. They additionally sprout at different occasions, so in case you're searching for quite a long time of ceaseless blossoms, you'll need to choose cautiously. 

Professional flowerbeds frequently show a wide scope of camellia assortments that may motivate you. Or then again you can go to a camellia show supported by camellia social orders and other nursery clubs in the late-winter to see the full scope of your decisions. 

Camellias The entire Winter 

The sasanqua types blossom as ahead of schedule as November, while the japonica types start blooming later. Numerous nurseries have in any event one very much adored camellia, and a solitary plant will deliver blossoms for a little while. In any case, you can choose a couple of various assortments, rather than only one, to broaden the tone in your scene from weeks to months. 

When buying camellias, research the blossom seasons of assortments for your zone, or cautiously check the plant tag. Buy a few distinctive early, mid, and late-season camellias. Choosing camellias for staggered blossoming times should give you shading the entire fall and winter long. 

Planting and Care 

Camellias are seemingly perpetual bushes, so it's awesome to invest a little energy considering where to plant them. Keep in mind, you generally need to place the correct plant in the opportune spot. 

Most camellias will perform best on the off chance that you plant them in a shielded area where they get fractional shade, however some sasanqua camellia assortments will endure more sun on the off chance that they get sufficient water system. 

Camellias ought to be planted in an all around depleted, ideally acidic soil and be watered routinely for the principal year until they're set up. After that can regularly get by on precipitation alone, however they'll perform better whenever watered during droughts. 

Any pruning ought to be done before pre-fall when the blossom buds structure, however sasanqua camellias for the most part require just incidental prepping because of their sluggish development and characteristic structure. 

Camellia Irritation Issues 

Camellias are intense, evergreen bushes. Whenever planted and really focused on appropriately, they once in a while create genuine sickness issues, however they can be disturbed by a couple of vermin. 

Hazardous creepy crawlies on camellias are tea scale, aphids, and bug bugs. Each of the three utilize puncturing sucking mouthparts to benefit from the undersides of leaves. Tea scale shows up as a fluffy whitish covering on the lower part of leaves and triggers yellow spotting on top. Aphids cause leaves to twist and get contorted, and furthermore cause dirty shape pervasions. Insect vermin are ordinarily more terrible during hot, dry conditions and cause leaves to look corroded or whitish along leaf veins. To dispose of aphids or vermin, take a stab at shooting your camellia with a nursery hose a couple of times. Tea scale will require an endorsed agricultural oil shower.

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